Portrait Of Myself (Monochrome).jpg

Michael Sherrington


Born in Kirkcaldy, raised on the West Coast, Michael’s childhood years were spent feeding his imagination in the dark rooms of his local movie theatre cultivating a passion for cinema.

During his studies in Film at the University of West of Scotland Michael was introduced to The Forest of Black through his performance in one of their projects.  This encounter led to Michael becoming the forthright collaborator within the company working on multiple projects in a variety of position, predominantly as an Operator and Editor.

As a Director in his own right Michael looks to explore existential questions through the microcosm of relationships within specific groups. His background in Cinematography and Editing has played a significant role in his formative years as a filmmaker, Through the use of multiple formats both film and digital he develops collage’s of textures and tones with an emphasis on Cinematic, Bold and visually arresting imagery. Michael has worked with a broad range of international clients including The Royal Bank of Scotland, Puma, Roadrunner Records, Warner & BBC World service.